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California's food stamps (SNAP) program


USDA Dietary Guidelines 

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pEBT Update

Did you know if you qualify as free or reduced in the National School Lunch Program you are also eligible for pEBT? In order to become eligible for Summer pEBT benefits apply today (link in bio). All applications must be received by midnight on 8/14/2021 but, sooner is better. If you have already received a letter that you are directly certified, no need to apply. For more information on pEBT visit,

Looking for Summer Meals? 

Are you a parent or guardian looking for Summer Food Service Program sites near you? Find a summer site in your community with the Summer Meal Site Finder mapping tool. You can also text “Summer Meals” to 97779 or call 1-866-348-6479 to find a site near you.


Notice: The California Revenue and Taxation Code (RTC) Section 19853(b) requires local educational agencies (LEA) that operate the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) to annually notify households about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Information Act.

Earned Income Tax Credit Information Act Communication

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